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A brilliant escape to a more healthy place, thank you!

Hi Brenda, just wanted to say thank you and express my appreciation for the sessions you led today. I'm also grateful to the bosses here for setting up this opportunity for staff. I was part of a three person group today when you led us on some meditation techniques and then took us into a deeper meditation with some lovely music. I have rarely, if ever been so relaxed, in all my life I think. I lost all track of time and was very detached from all the usual c--p that whizzes round and round in my head. A brilliant escape to a more healthy place, thank you! Nearly as good, the effect lasted so that I could still feel the difference many minutes after returning to the busy office and the emails, amazing. I came back for a Reiki session too, as I have been lucky enough to have had brief Reiki treatment from you before, and just like before your hands seemed extremely warm, which I take to be evidence of some healing going on. I came away ag ain feeling much more positive, confident relaxed and resilient, able to face the world more effectively. Thanks for your tips too on how to deal with some of issues when I feel tense and frustrated, I will certainly try those. Brilliant! I hope you develop your practice to help many others, best wishes, Chris.

Highly recommended

I would like to say a massive thank you to Brenda, for a fertility reflexology; which I had 2 months ago: after 7 months try to conceive and less than 2 weeks later I'm pregnant! Now I'm 3 months pregnant and due in November. Highly recommended.

I wasn't sure what to expect but the treatment was lovely.

This morning I had my first reflexology treatment with Brenda and it certainly was a treat. Brenda is a lovely, warm and extremely, knowledgeable lady, who made me feel at ease from the moment I arrived. She also gave me lots of ideas for ways to help myself apart from her treatment, which I found very useful. I wasn't sure what to expect but the treatment was wonderful and I felt totally relaxed afterwards. I will be back Brenda!

Thank you for your continued support

"I have seen a few different healers in my time but have only ever come across two genuine ones; who really care and want to help: both very special people and you are one of them. Thank you for your continuing support."

It works, it really works!

"Firstly I had never heard of EFT. I was having a really tough time and was very low. I had been to see my GP and been prescribed antidepressants and had started to see a councillor, who suggested EFT to me. I got home had a look on Google and read up about it and thought yes I'll give this a go and came across Brenda's website.
I called Brenda and instantly felt comfortable talking to her on the phone. As I had recently had surgery and was unable to drive Brenda agreed to come and visit me at home which was a huge relief.
I had had recent surgery and my dad had also ended up in hospital and had surgery too, so I had been through a tough time but also had several other issues to unravel. I had been caught up in the Asian tsunami 10 years ago, had an accident at work, previously resulting in surgery as well as an unhealthy relationship.
So with my first session I really didn't know what to expect but Brenda carried out some testing, after talking through some of the issues, then we started the tapping! Whilst saying..... well let's just say, Brenda knows what to get you to say.
I have had four sessions now and it works, it really works! It is hard work and you feel emotionally exhausted afterwards. It is as though you can feel your body letting go of emotions it doesn't need anymore, sometimes I have cried, felt hot, cold and sometimes just relieved. It is like peeling back layers of an onion, once you deal with one set of emotions, others you thought you had dealt with come up and then you deal with those as well.
I was suffering with panic attacks when I was out which were really scary, this has improved my symptoms. I have gone from barely leaving my house to driving, walking outdoors going into shops and starting back at work next week.
I call EFT, the bonkers therapy!!! It really works and has helped me so much. Brenda is such a kind, caring, warm, empathetic person with a great sense of humour too, which really helps!! She has helped me so much already so if you are wondering whether to give EFT a go.... do it!
Let yourself move foreword and get rid of any emotions you have struggled to deal with in the past."

A truly therapeutic treatment.

A truly therapeutic treatment, completely relaxing and the selection of oils and massage was very healing for my problems. Other adivce is also much appreciated. A wonderful experience!

A lovely relaxing time.

A lovely relaxing time (Idon't get the chance to relax much with a toddler) and now i feel thoroughly refreshed!  A great experience, felt very calm and as though all my needs were met-hope to be back again soon!

We are Covid Secure

We will continue to provide you with the wonderful, person-centred care you are used to receiving here but things will look and feel a little different; in order to keep both yourself and your therapist safe in a Covid-19 secure way.  To find out all of the new rules you will need to adhere to and what to expect when you visit the practice please click here. 

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