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Brenda Seaborn
Complementary Health Practitioner

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We are a
Covid 19 Secure Practice


New guidelines for all clients who attend the practice for treatment.

To help you prepare for your next appointment, here are the changes you need to be aware of and follow. 

  • When you make an appointment for treatment you will be given two 30 minute appointments. The first will be for your telephone or video consulation. The second will be for your physical Reflexology or Reiki treatment.  N.B. All meditation lessons and Emotional Freedom Technique appointments will be carried out via video call. Only one client will be permitted in the treatment room at all times. No other persons will be permitted into the building during opening times as laid out in government regualtions.  

  • During your consultation appointment you will be asked specific questions related to Covid 19. Should you answer yes to any of the questions you will be asked to defer your appointment to a time when it is deemed safe to do so. You will also be given the opportunity to update your medical history, discuss your current wellbeing and express any needs or concerns you have relating to your current treatment needs. 

    You will be reminded to:

  • Please remain in your car until you are given the signal to approach the practice
  • Please bring a bottle of drink and drink plenty of it before you enter the practice. Wearing a mask can cause you to dehydrate more quickly. 
  • Please put your mask on before entering the practice
  • Please make sure you put on a clean pair of socks for treatment and to wear clothing that will keep you warm/cool and comfortable; as the treatment room windows will need to be open to allow for the movement of air and we are no longer permitted to use blankets.
  • Please do not speak once you enter the building as all treatments will be carried out in silence. If you are uncomfortable, unwell, anxious or wish to alert your therapist to an emergency please raise your hand or move your feet once on couch. 
  • Please place your shoes, keys and coat into the plastic, washable container inside the doorway.
  • Please wash your hands with the alcohol gel provided and then close the front door.
  • If you should feel the need to cough or sneeze in the entrance way, please use the tissues, alchohol gel and disposal bags and bin that are there for your use.
  • Before you enter treatment room please wash your hands in the bathroom.  Soap, paper towels and a pedal bin are provided for your use.  
  • Please enter the treatment room and make yourself comfortable on the couch and close your eyes. 
  • Please wash your hands with alcohol gel after treatment.
  • Please allow your therapist time to socially distance when leaving the treatment room.

I will be required to keep a record of your attendance for a period of 21 days along with your contact details on a track and tracing form.   Should you later present with symptoms, you must get tested immediately by booking a test by calling 119.  You will need to inform myself so that I can contact The NHS Track and Trace service.  If I am contacted by NHS Track and Trace I will need to share your contact details with them. This is a legal requirement under Covid Law.

  1. I will be wearing a washable face shield and washable mask. Clean uniform, disposable apron and disposable gloves; as we are not permitted to have skin to skin contact; all disposable aprons and gloves will be disposed of after every client.
  2. When I open the practice door I will socially distance outside of the treatment room, to allow you plenty of room to enter safely.
  3. There will be no comfy chair for you to sit on but a washable stool is provided should you need it. There will also be a washable step for you to use to get on and off the couch safely.
  4. If you should feel the need to cough or sneeze in the treatment room, tissues, alchohol gel and disposal bags are there for your use. 
  5. Should you need to use the bathroom facilities: soap, paper towels and a pedal bin will be available for you.
  6. Treatments times must strictly be ahered to, as advised by our government.
  7. There will be a 30 minute cleaning time allowed between all clients, to ensure that all washing and necessary disinfecting times have been adhered to.
  8. The hallway, bathroom, toilet and all surfaces in the treatment room will be cleaned and disinfected between each client.
  9. There will no longer be towels or towelling covers on the couch but there will be washable covers on the pillow cases and leg rolls. These and the couch will be covered with paper couch roll for your comfort.  All surfaces will be washed and disinfected after each use. You are not permitted to bring your own towels or blankets, so wrap up warmly or coolly, for your comfort.
  10. If you are a vulnerable client you will be invited to attend for your appointment on a Wednesday morning; when only vulnerable clients will be treated.
  11. Please make all new appointments with me via text, Whatsapp or telephone as mobile phones or paper diaries will not be permitted in the room at any time: as these are of a high transmission and cross infection risk.
  12. You will be sent your aftercare advice via text message, Whatsapp, email or phonecall and all notes will be held digitally. 
  13. All payments are to be made digitally via bacs. 

If you have any questions or concerns please call me on 01206 512280