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Brenda Seaborn
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Fertility Reflexology

" I now have a 5 month old baby who would not have been here without Brenda's superb skills! "

Becoming a parent for some is the simplest thing in the world and when you find after a year or more of trying that this does not happen naturally, it can have a tremendous effect on your emotional health. Waiting and hoping every month that your dreams will be realised, only to be shattered by the negative results of a simple test or the arrival of your period. 
Fertility reflexology is suitable for couples who wish to take a more natural approach to conception or are about to undergo assisted fertility treatment. It consists of advanced techniques and we have been trained in this specialised subject. You will be treated as an indiviual even if you arrive as a couple.

 consultations will be taken from one or both partners if necessary.
During your consultation you will be asked many questions relating to your fertility; your medical history will be taken, as well as details of your lifestyle, dietary and exercise regime. A detailed picture will be built up of one or both partners so that the best course of treatment can be ascertained.

Please bring with you as much knowledge of your family history as you can including:

  • how long did it take your parents to conceive
  • how were you and they, born if known

Be as open and as honest as you can be with us, we are not here to judge but to help in any way we can.  If you are really stressed or worried then say so, it all plays a part in how you concieve or how you cope and enjoy the process of creating another life.  You or one of your family members or friends may have similar worries and concerns but it doesn't mean to say things will be the same for you.

We are all individuals and any concerns you have will be addressed. If necessary another therapy such as EFT- emotional freedom technique may be recommended as this is of great benefit to you especially in cases of stress, trauma of previous conceptions, deliveries, miscarriange or surgery.  

This is a safe and confidential environment in which you can speak freely, without fear of being told 'that's normal' or don't worry you'll be fine'.  Everyone has a story to share and we will listen......

The gentle and relaxing fertility reflexology treatments will help your body reach optimum health; to give your body the best chance of conceiving. Should you become pregnant, maternity reflexology treatments can then be administered to help achieve a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy.
Usually the first treatment for women is during your period and then around the time of your ovulation or just before is ideal. Don't worry if you're not sure when you ovulate we can soon ascertain that or you may want to use a test kit or thermometer both of which are available at your local pharmacy.  

If you are undertaking IVF you will need to bring along your schedule from your clinic and we will work alongside your current treatments.


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Important information

Cancellation Policy: Persons failing to attend their appointments will be charged the fee in full.
Please give at least 48 hours notice of cancellation.
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