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Emotional Freedom Technique

a man performing an emotional freedom tapping technique
"So different from last year, all thanks to a Google search and your name coming up xxx "
Emotional freedom technique is a highly effective yet safe and gentle therapy.  It incorporates gentle tapping on certain acupressure points and the use of positive affirmations. Some clients prefer to be 'tapped upon' by the therapist; others prefer to tap along together but most importantly, it does not re-traumatise the individual. You will only work with the issues you want to work with, both safely and calmly. You do not have to go over traumatic issues in fine detail as with counselling: there are other safe techniques the therapist can use to enable you to deal with the issue in a safe and calm environment. 
'Opening your can of worms' does not mean to say that you will feel bad all over again, the therapist is highly trained to assist you and can safely work with all of or part of your problems and help you safely store things until you can work on them again at an appropriate time.
One of the lovely benefits of EFT is that once you learn the basic techniques, you can take them away with you to use at any time.
It is effective for helping you overcome
  • phobias: spiders, dogs, wasps
  • fears: heights, flying, confined spaces
  • nerves: driving test, exams, job interviews
  • grief: loss of a loved one, broken relationship
  • physical pain
  • post traumatic stress: physical attack, active service, car/motorcycle accident, abuse, accident/fall
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • stress
  • emotions surrounding infertility and pregnancy
  • weight issues: eating disorders, comfort-eating, over-eating, under-eating, pre-programmed eating habits
  • addiction: food, painkillers, cigarettes etc.
  • anger issues
  • low self esteem: lack of confidence
  • negativity: ' it always happens to me, because 'they' said so, it's because I'm getting old'
  • running around in circles: making the same old mistakes, running the same old conversation in your head over and over with no resolution
Here are just a few testimonials from some of my clients who have already benefited from EFT
"I came to see Brenda, about my fear of enclosed spaces. I’d tried everything else and nothing worked. 
I must admit, I was sceptical about this treatment but now I am converted, it worked first time and would recommend it to anyone.
Thank you Brenda"
"Having known Brenda for a number of years and regularly attending her meditation group, I was intrigued to discover whether the EFT that she has recently begun using would be able to help me with my long term problems. Most of my issues relate to my lack of self worth combined with a belief that I am not a very likeable person and these thoughts have manifested themselves in an eating disorder and a habit of isolating myself. 
I am currently making great progress with my eating disorder and wondered whether I could use EFT to help me maintain that progress and to begin to feel a little better about myself but as it actually sounded a bit bonkers, I approached it with an open mind and no great expectations.
However, after just one session I can honestly say that it is amazing!  
I cannot explain what it has done or how it has done it but in the days following my treatment, I have found myself doing things that I would never have done before and for the first time in years I am looking forward to a weekend full of the kind of social engagements that I would never have dreamed of accepting before (basically anything that involved talking to other people was a no go for me!).  I cannot say exactly what has changed but there has been a huge shift in my thoughts and I definitely feel more confident and more inclined to take care of myself and let myself grow as a person, both physically and emotionally. So if you are considering trying EFT, all I can say is...do it! It may sound bonkers but It really is quite amazing!"
What will happen during a treatment?
You will discuss with your therapist your particular issue, she will write these down and then you will create your first 'statement' to use for your tapping.  Then using a scoring method you and your therapist will be able to assess your progress. Sometimes the scoring level will rise, rather than fall, this is just an indicator that there may be another issue linked with your primary issue that needs to be worked upon in order to resolve the whole issue.  It may sound a little complicated but is much simpler in practise.
Some issues may be resolved very quickly, others may take more time.


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