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How to cope with wedding and party season

Ok so we are coming into wedding and party season and some of us may need a little help keeping up with the little ones or just to speed up recovery time after the event. 

Hydration is always key both during and after an event;
vitamin B will help you release energy throughout the day and help you to wind down at the end of the day. Vitamin C and zinc will help rid the body of unwanted toxins left over from any
overindulgence too.

A handy tip is to place them ready by your bedside before you go out; so that when you are too tired to go and search for them: they are all ready to hand. Remember vitamin C will may you wee a little more, so clear your pathway too if you are likely to be a little worse for wear or take the next morning.

1 drop of Basil essential oil on a tissue to inhale will brighten your mood and give you clarity too, to keep going throughout the day. It’s wonderful aniseed-like
aroma is simply delicious and evocative of Mediterranean holidays. You can place on a tissue in a plastic bag to take out when needed. That way your bag or pocket won’t smell of it when you don’t need it.

How to use essential oils at home.

How you can use essential oils safely in your home or car.

You can use 1 or 2 drops of essential oil; (no more is actually necessary as you can always top up,) onto warm water in a bowl.

If you have a candle-lit or electric diffuser, again you can add 1 or 2 drops to the water.

Some of you may have pads that are heated by your cigarette lighter in your car, only add one drop, here as it is such small environment. Safety advice; do not use essential oils in the car that will make you drowsy, such as lavender or chamomile. Basil essential oil is perfect here.

Alternatively you can add one drop onto a tissue and place in your room, that way if you find you don’t like it after a while you can dispose of it easily. Please do not place essential oils onto your pillow, to avoid a reaction with your skin and having to change your pillow in the middle of the night if you don’t like the smell.

When adding essential oils to your bath, only use warm water as the essential oils evaporate off of the water into the air. Always use a base vegetable oil, such as grapeseed, sunflower, olive or milk: no more than 5 drops of essential oil thoroughly blended into 5mls of base should be used in a bath for an adult. Always seek advice from your aromatherapist when wishing to use essential oils for children.

If using in cream or an oil such as jojoba, for your face; blending needs to be at a rate of 1/2 %:1 drop of essential oil to 200mls of cream or oil. A 1% blend may be used on the body; remember less is more: you are covering quite a large area of skin which will readily absorb the blended oils and cream quite quickly. Always hydrate well when using essential oils.
Always test blended oils onto your wrist before using, to test for allergies. If you have a reaction, rinse well in cold water immediately. If no relief is found please contact 111 or speak with your GP.

Home made sugar scrub gift

With Christmas just around the corner and most of us cutting back on our funds, why not make a wonderful 'home-made' gift that will delight your family and friends and help with the re-cycling too.
Over the next few days collect: 
some small, empty glass jars
a few elastic bands
some thin ribbon if you wish 
an adhesive label for each jar
and fill them with my wonderful sugar scrub recipe below.
Home made sugar scrub recipe
(makes 1 small jar of scrub)
Perfect for gardeners and mechanics, as well as those of us who just love soft hands.
2-3 tablespoons of sunflower oil
6 tablespoons of granulated sugar
5 drops of essential oil of your choice
Lavender or rose is lovely for the ladies or tea tree and orange for the gentleman. Lemon, melissa or bergamot are also refreshing and uplifting.
Using a glass bowl mix the sunflower oil and essential oils together thoroughly with a metal spoon and add enough of the sugar into the oil until you have a stiff mixture. Spoon this carefully into the glass jars, cover the opening with a circle of cellophane and circle with an elastic band; finish with some ribbon to make it look fancier if you wish. Do store jars upright as the oil will travel under the cellophane if you are not careful and take care not to place on any wooden surfaces. Label as you wish.  To use the scrub simply place a small amount on to your hands and scrub both top and bottom, rinse with warm water and pat dry for a super pair of soft, clean hands.  

How to ease those Christmas stresses

This year don't let the pressures of Christmas stop you enjoying the big day, with my top tips for surviving the festive season.
1.  With your cards and presents, get the rest of the family to help you wrap them.  Make it a family afternoon event, don't make it traumatic.  If you've got children you'll obviously want to put the presents away and quietly wrap them but just relax when you're doing them.  Sit down with a glass of mulled wine or a cup of tea and focus on the smiles on their faces when they unwrap their gifts.
2.  If you're inviting family or friends round for Christmas don't take the brunt of the event all upon yourself.  Share it.  Get someone to bring a pudding, someone else can bring nibbles etc.  Make it a real family event, that's what Christmas is all about. 
3.  If you are feeling stressed at this time of year the most important thing you can do is talk about it.  If you're on your own and don't have any family, friends or neighbours to speak to you can always call the Samaritans and they'll offer you any advice that you need and offer some comfort too.  You can also try the Salvation Army or your local church or community centre.
4.  If you're at home and you're finding that it's going to be a really busy and stressful time, you can put some essential oils into a simple burner, or if you don't have a burner you can use a small bowl of warm water, some essential oils like spearmint which is very calming but refreshing and it won't interfere with any of your cooking smells.  Orange and tea tree is wonderfully calming, anti-bacterial and anti-viral too.  Cinnamon can be quite strong and can interfere with some people's medication even though it is the base of many Christmas aromas.
5.Do be aware that when you're giving Christmas goodies that some people may be allergic to nuts or dairy products.  It's important to bare in mind that once nuts are open in the atmosphere they can still affect people.
6.  If you're suffering from winter coughs, colds and sore throats then a natural remedy you can try is honey in warm water with a splash of lemon too if you like.  It's one of the best sources of relief you can give yourself at this time of year alongside the usual medicines that reduce pain and fever .  It is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory so will help soothe your cold.  Try mixing the honey with a sprinkling of cinnamon to soothe a sore throat and do remember to top up your immune system with  Vitamin C, Zinc or Echinacea; these will all help you fight the bugs more efficiently.
7.  If you've over-indulged over the Christmas period Andrews Liver Salts or milk thistle is a really good over the counter remedy to help cleanse the liver.  This will in turn balance the digestive system and rid your body of any unwanted excesses. Vitamin C + zinc will help rid the body of any unwanted toxins that may have built up and a good probiotic will help keep your digestive system happy too. 
8.  Do remember that to avoid a hangover, eat something that is fatty before you go out to drink.  Something like a piece of cheese or if you can't have dairy then try something like peanut butter to line the stomach this will help prevent the absorption of some of the alcohol.  Remember to drink plenty of fluids - drinking loads of water before you go out and when you get back home will help re-hydrate your body, which is the major cause of a hangover.

Wellbeing Weeks

Wellbeing Weeks are not just good for your feet, they're good for your soul too.

We run 'wellbeing weeks' every month, in order to help everyone take good care 

of their own wellbeing.These treatments are offered at a WHOPPING £10 off for just £25 for a full reflexology or maternity reflexology treatment.  Please note that Wellbeing Weeks are only open to clients who have already received an initial consultation to ensure that we treat clients both safely and effectively.

Here's what one of our clients have to say about Wellbeing Week.

" I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy having Reflexology during 'Wellbeing Weeks'. I always leave feeling as if I am walking on air. It is amazing how you can tell what is going on with my body, through my feet. I have been attending for some time now and I and my husband, can certainly see the difference in me. Much more relaxed and at peace with myself. If I have had to miss a session, I almost get withdrawal symptoms. Thank you once again for making me feel special."

Future Wellbeing weeks are as below and we already have some clients booking right through till 2015, so be sure not to miss out and grab your slots now.

July 6th - 9th

August 3rd - 6th

September 1st - 3rd 

Please note appointments are given on a first come first served basis.

Regular treatments, just once a month can enable you to: 
• reduce stress 

• ease muscular aches and pains

• strengthen your immune system

• encourage a better night’s sleep 

• regulate hormonal imbalances 

• alleviate tiredness

• boost your general wellbeing 

• reduce morning sickness

• alleviate symphis pubis pain and dysfunction

• prepare the body for a more effective and shorter labour

and of course whilst you are in the practice, you can be assured that you will be taken good care of with a caring, professional and friendly approach.

How well do you listen to your body?

One thing we always ask our clients to do after each treatment they have,

no matter which treatment they have chosen,
is to listen to their bodies and act upon it's requests.
I mean really listen........


We all get those little messages that say:

  • I need to rest now
  • I 'm thirsty
  • I need sleep
  • I'm hungry
  • I need better nutrition
  • I need to relax
  • I need to get up and run around
  • I need to clear my head
  • My head hurts
  • My back aches
  • I'm stiff
  • I need a hot bath
  • I'm in pain
  • I need a holiday
  • I need to get a life

but how many of you act upon them?

We all live in a fast paced world and it's often vital that we march on regardless of what our body tells us.
It's easier to say 'In a minute' or to take a headache pill rather than to get some fresh air
or drink a large glass of water.  It doesn't take big changes, just a little one every now and
again to make the world of difference to your wellbeing. Making small changes along the way
can save you becoming ill for a longer period in the longrun. If you are ill you can't work effectively,
if you can't work effectively, you worry, if you worry you could become distressed.
If you become distressed chances are you will become dis-eased.  

Listen carefully, your body is designed to self heal and sometimes in just needs a minute or two to recover.

When you take that minute..................... make sure it's for yourself.  You'll thank yourself in the end.

We are Covid Secure

We will continue to provide you with the wonderful, person-centred care you are used to receiving here but things will look and feel a little different; in order to keep both yourself and your therapist safe in a Covid-19 secure way.  To find out all of the new rules you will need to adhere to and what to expect when you visit the practice please click here. 

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