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Neck, shoulder, arm pain? Could your pillow be the cause?

Often in the practice we have clients who experience neck, shoulder and even arm pain. Sometimes the cause of that can simply be corrected by changing your pillow. If you think about how long you spend in bed, often only turning a few times a night; you would never sit still in that position all day without expecting to become stiff and achey. 

Whether you're a side sleeper, an on your back or front sleeper, you sleep with your arm under your head or a combination of all three, the most important thing to remember when choosing your pillow is:

  • Is your neck straight and fully supported whichever angle you sleep at? If you toss and turn all night long, a memory pillow would be best suited to you.
  • Does your arm get squashed or do your joints get compressed. Pillows with a gap for your arms are available by mail order from the internet. Make sure your pillow is high enough to ensure you have adequate support of your neck and that you are not curled under at the shoulder joint which could lead to compression and a decrease in circulation.

    If you are sleeping on your side. Often 1 pillow is not enough and 2 is too much. Try adding a layer of foam in a pillowcase under your top pillow. Ask some one to help you measure the distance between the outer edge of your arm to your ear to get a perfect fit for your pillow. 

  • Companies like Dunelm Mill sell pillows to suit your sleeping style but remember to measure before you go shopping as you cannot return pillows if they are not suitable, even if you haven't opened them some companies refuse to allow you to return. 

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