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How to cope with wedding and party season

Ok so we are coming into wedding and party season and some of us may need a little help keeping up with the little ones or just to speed up recovery time after the event. 

Hydration is always key both during and after an event;
vitamin B will help you release energy throughout the day and help you to wind down at the end of the day. Vitamin C and zinc will help rid the body of unwanted toxins left over from any
overindulgence too.

A handy tip is to place them ready by your bedside before you go out; so that when you are too tired to go and search for them: they are all ready to hand. Remember vitamin C will may you wee a little more, so clear your pathway too if you are likely to be a little worse for wear or take the next morning.

1 drop of Basil essential oil on a tissue to inhale will brighten your mood and give you clarity too, to keep going throughout the day. It’s wonderful aniseed-like
aroma is simply delicious and evocative of Mediterranean holidays. You can place on a tissue in a plastic bag to take out when needed. That way your bag or pocket won’t smell of it when you don’t need it.

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