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Home made sugar scrub gift

With Christmas just around the corner and most of us cutting back on our funds, why not make a wonderful 'home-made' gift that will delight your family and friends and help with the re-cycling too.
Over the next few days collect: 
some small, empty glass jars
a few elastic bands
some thin ribbon if you wish 
an adhesive label for each jar
and fill them with my wonderful sugar scrub recipe below.
Home made sugar scrub recipe
(makes 1 small jar of scrub)
Perfect for gardeners and mechanics, as well as those of us who just love soft hands.
2-3 tablespoons of sunflower oil
6 tablespoons of granulated sugar
5 drops of essential oil of your choice
Lavender or rose is lovely for the ladies or tea tree and orange for the gentleman. Lemon, melissa or bergamot are also refreshing and uplifting.
Using a glass bowl mix the sunflower oil and essential oils together thoroughly with a metal spoon and add enough of the sugar into the oil until you have a stiff mixture. Spoon this carefully into the glass jars, cover the opening with a circle of cellophane and circle with an elastic band; finish with some ribbon to make it look fancier if you wish. Do store jars upright as the oil will travel under the cellophane if you are not careful and take care not to place on any wooden surfaces. Label as you wish.  To use the scrub simply place a small amount on to your hands and scrub both top and bottom, rinse with warm water and pat dry for a super pair of soft, clean hands.  

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We are Covid Secure

We will continue to provide you with the wonderful, person-centred care you are used to receiving here but things will look and feel a little different; in order to keep both yourself and your therapist safe in a Covid-19 secure way.  To find out all of the new rules you will need to adhere to and what to expect when you visit the practice please click here. 

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