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Do exam nerves hold you back?

Do Exam Nerves Hold You Back? 

You work hard all year studying and striving to achieve your goals but when it comes to exams do you just fall apart?  

It is often very difficult to pinpoint where exam nerves originate from, after all you know your subject well because you have been learning them for years. Sometimes, even with the very best of intentions, our peers, our families and even our tutor's expectations of us may prove too much for us to cope with the pressure of letting them down. The pressure to achieve top grades to be in with a chance of employment or further education is enough in itself but how many of you have heard " You won't get anywhere if you don't get good grades or study till the wee small hours". " You're stupid or you'll fail anyway because you're just not as good as your brother or sister!"

In EFT these kind of comments are what we refer to as 'the writing on your wall'. Every negative comment that anyone has ever made about you sticks like glue and comes back to remind you of how others see you, until you finally believe you are who they say you are. This becomes a fearful and difficult place to survive so the body reacts as it believes it should and sometimes this is one of the very reasons we become nervous.  

We can gentley and safely help you dissapate old thought patterns with a simple tapping technique and positve thinking. So don't let nerves of any kind bog you down, call and have a chat with us and we will help put you on the happy path to success. 

Tips to help you cope at home are:

  • To make sure you have a study timetable with frequent breaks, plenty of fluids and snacks to keep your brain from sagging.
  • Take a walk to clear your mind and if you walk briskly your body will release seratonin which is your happy hormone.
  • Make sure you have adequate lighting to study by, this will help keep you brighter and also reduce eye strain.
  • Use vitamin B conplex, it's known as the anti-stress vitamin.
  • Pure lavender essential oil will help you relax whilst pure essential oil of basil or rosemary will help you focus. Always remember to drink plenty of fluids when using essential oils.

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