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Neck, shoulder, arm pain? Could your pillow be the cause?

Often in the practice we have clients who experience neck, shoulder and even arm pain. Sometimes the cause of that can simply be corrected by changing your pillow. If you think about how long you spend in bed, often only turning a few times a night; you would never sit still in that position all day without expecting to become stiff and achey. 

Whether you're a side sleeper, an on your back or front sleeper, you sleep with your arm under your head or a combination of all three, the most important thing to remember when choosing your pillow is:

  • Is your neck straight and fully supported whichever angle you sleep at? If you toss and turn all night long, a memory pillow would be best suited to you.
  • Does your arm get squashed or do your joints get compressed. Pillows with a gap for your arms are available by mail order from the internet. Make sure your pillow is high enough to ensure you have adequate support of your neck and that you are not curled under at the shoulder joint which could lead to compression and a decrease in circulation.

    If you are sleeping on your side. Often 1 pillow is not enough and 2 is too much. Try adding a layer of foam in a pillowcase under your top pillow. Ask some one to help you measure the distance between the outer edge of your arm to your ear to get a perfect fit for your pillow. 

  • Companies like Dunelm Mill sell pillows to suit your sleeping style but remember to measure before you go shopping as you cannot return pillows if they are not suitable, even if you haven't opened them some companies refuse to allow you to return. 

Do exam nerves hold you back?

Do Exam Nerves Hold You Back? 

You work hard all year studying and striving to achieve your goals but when it comes to exams do you just fall apart?  


It is often very difficult to pinpoint where exam nerves originate from, after all you know your subject well because you have been learning them for years. Sometimes, even with the very best of intentions, our peers, our families and even our tutor's expectations of us may prove too much for us to cope with the pressure of letting them down. The pressure to achieve top grades to be in with a chance of employment or further education is enough in itself but how many of you have heard " You won't get anywhere if you don't get good grades or study till the wee small hours". " You're stupid or you'll fail anyway because you're just not as good as your brother or sister!"

In EFT these kind of comments are what we refer to as 'the writing on your wall'. Every negative comment that anyone has ever made about you sticks like glue and comes back to remind you of how others see you, until you finally believe you are who they say you are. This becomes a fearful and difficult place to survive so the body reacts as it believes it should and sometimes this is one of the very reasons we become nervous.  

We can gentley and safely help you dissapate old thought patterns with a simple tapping technique and positve thinking. So don't let nerves of any kind bog you down, call and have a chat with us and we will help put you on the happy path to success. 

Tips to help you cope at home are:

  • To make sure you have a study timetable with frequent breaks, plenty of fluids and snacks to keep your brain from sagging.
  • Take a walk to clear your mind and if you walk briskly your body will release seratonin which is your happy hormone.
  • Make sure you have adequate lighting to study by, this will help keep you brighter and also reduce eye strain.
  • Use vitamin B conplex, it's known as the anti-stress vitamin.
  • Pure lavender essential oil will help you relax whilst pure essential oil of basil or rosemary will help you focus. Always remember to drink plenty of fluids when using essential oils.


It's a nightmare not getting any sleep, I'm shattered, drained and exhausted.

Even one odd nights sleep can leave us feeling groggy and unable to focus for a few days after; imagine what it can feel like if you haven't slept in days, weeks, even months. 
Drained, shattered, exhausted, emotional, slurred speech, poor co-ordination, feeling anxious and depressed are just a few of the common words an insomniac voices but how can you get back to having a good nights sleep?  

Often we find that there was an intial upset, incident or trauma when the sleepless nights first started or that you have a current stress which you just can't turn off from and this is where we would focus with the use of Emotional Freedom Technique to gently and safely dissapate the intial trauma. 

We would also encourage the keeping of a regular sleep routine, the use of vitamin B complex to help reduce stress and muscular tension on a daily basis. Just one or two drops of gentle essential oils, such as lavender, tea tree/orange combination, clary sage, petitgrain, sandalwood or ylang ylang on a tissue by your bed can often aid a restful sleep too. Please do not use lavender or clary sage if your are pregnant.

Why flip flops are bad for your wellbeing.

With the warm sunny weather we have been experiencing many of you have hauled out last years flops and are already wearing them all day. 

Just a few tips that may make you think about how they affect your health.

Take a look underneath at the bottom of the flip flops and see if it is worn on one side more than the other, are you walking with your feet turned in this is known as pronation?

Some pronation is necesssary when walking but when excessive pronation occurs the foot arch flattens out and stretches the muscles, tendons and ligaments underneath the foot.

If you are walking on the outside of your foot this is known as supination.  A natural amount of supination occurs as the heel lifts off the ground and the front of your foot and toes are used to propel the body forward.  However, excessive supination places a large strain on the muscles and tendons that stabilize the ankle and can lead to the ankle rolling completely over, resulting in an ankle sprain or total ligament rupture.

Excessive rolling of the ankles can lead to uncomfortable or painful conditions such as:

  • Arch pain
  • Heel pain
  • Flat feet
  • Corns and calluses
  • Ankle sprains
  • Shin Splints
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Knee pain
  • Hip pain
  • Back pain

Instead of spending money on expensive treatments such as physiotherapy, chiropractic or osteopathy, take care of your feet at ground level and spend a little more on a sandle with a small heel and support around your ankle for a pain free spring in your step.

Combating Hayfever Season The Natural Way

Many of you have been asking about how you can reduce or even stop the itchy skin around your eyes, your runny or blocked noses and that dreadful feeling of exhaustion and fatigue that hayfever season brings. A simple formula  of Vitamin C + Echinacea + Moogoo Irritable Skin Balm which we have found very effective. The MooGoo irritable skin balm soothes the itchy skin on your face, especially around the eyes and the combination of Echinacea tincture and soluble Vitamin C in a bottle of water sipped throughout the day will help you feel human again.  The doses of Echinacea and Vitamin C will depend entirely on the individual as histamine levels vary for each individual, depending on body mass.  If you find that high doses of Vitamin C help your hayfever but not your stomach then add some probiotics to help you maintain a more harmonious balance.

Where to get your hayfever remedies:
  • We sell the MooGoo Irritable Skin Cream here at the practice £12.50 for 120g and it's so good for all kinds of irritated skin including eczema, psoriasis and soothing allergic reactive skin.
  • Holland and Barrett stock the Echinacea Tincture which must contain the Angustifolia variety, to soothe the immune system; tincture is far more effective than tablets.
  • Soluble Vitamin C can be found in all your local supermarkets; their own brands are just as effective as the more expensive named brands.
Holistic Facial Massage

If you are suffering but just don't know where to start, we can off you some extra help with one of our lovely Holistic Facial Massages that will not only reduce the inflammation in your sinuses but help calm your mind and bring some much needed relief to help you feel more human again.  
Holistic Facial Massages are £35 for a whole hour of blissful relief or if you are short on time we have an express treatment at £20 for 30 minutes.

Holidays abroad ruined by a fear of flying?

Are your holiday plans ruined or not even started yet because you, your family or friends have a fear of flying?

" I have a complaint to make about your fear of flying sessions. You made my husband soooo laid back and relaxed about flying, when our flight was delayed, he couldn't give a hoot and it drove me potty!! "

The only delay you should put up with, is in the airport, not in taking a few simple steps with me to get you on that fabulous holiday or adventure with your mates or even that special visit to your loved ones abroad. 

You can pay as much as your flight at your local airport to attend one of their fear of flying courses or you can let me disapate your fears and help you enjoy your whole holiday experience with EFT, emotional freedom technique or tapping as some people refer to it. It's really simple and even fun to do; to have a chat with me or book an appointment, call 01206 512280 or email at banishstress@ntlworld.com

These are just a few of the fears that clients have felt when asked about their fear of flying. EFT can help with all of these fears and many more and help you get on that plane, so that you can finally enjoy wiggling your toes in that beautifully warm sand, with a nice glass of iced lemonade.

What makes your hands sweat, your pulse race and your stomach churn, is it?

  • the noise and crowding in the airport.
  • you've heard about a crash on the news and feel your plane may crash too.
  • you've had a friend or family member injured in a plane 
  • you can't cope with the enclosed space of the cabin
  • you are afraid of heights
  • you are afraid of falling
  • you are afraid of crashing
  • are you worried the pilot hasn't had enough sleep and may fall asleep in the cockpit
  • are you afraid of turbulence on the plane
  • you are convinced that you won't be able to get into the brace position and manage to put your oxygen mask at the same time
  • you just don't like the thought of having to sit next to a group of total strangers for hours on end
  • you had a bad experience on a flight before and you just can't face getting on a plane ever again

We are Covid Secure

We will continue to provide you with the wonderful, person-centred care you are used to receiving here but things will look and feel a little different; in order to keep both yourself and your therapist safe in a Covid-19 secure way.  To find out all of the new rules you will need to adhere to and what to expect when you visit the practice please click here. 

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