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OPI nail polishes


" 6 weeks later I still have pink toes!! "

We only use OPI nail polishs for the best results!!

 Pedicures are a wonderfully relaxing way to improve the appearance of your feet and their nails. A pedicure can help prevent nail diseases and disorders and are not just limited to nails; dead skin cells on the bottom of feet are rasped to a smooth level too.  Application of moisturising creams and a soothing lower leg massage improves skin tone, circulation and leaves your legs feeling hydrated and refreshed.

Please inform your therapist if your feet are in poor condition when making your appointment: i.e. if you have varicose veins, the leg massage cannot be performed or if you have verrucas, athletes foot or fungal nail infections; these must be treated and healed before you can receive a pedicure. Corns or deep-seated hard skin should be treated by a chiropodist or foot health care practitioner.



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